Rebuilding Cambodia through Education


Everyone in the world has different life. So why? The answer is because we have different societies. Culture, economic, education and politics affect every aspect of our lives.

Cambodia has a very hard condition country because we had had the war all the times. During the Khmer Rough regime it was the terrible time for our people. Many people died because they got killed by the Khmer Rough. Khmer Rough killed all educated people because they believed that all of them will become their enemies in the future. So to build their society stronger they forced all people to work as farmers. As a result, during that regime was the worst history for our country; it was the wrong decision of the leader and our political condition was difficult, to say the least.

To make a country stronger and better – with better living conditions for the poor – there must be more educated people to build back society.

And I live in Cambodia’s society so I need to have a responsibility to help my country.  My goal is to create a successful business that grows together with my good society and supports local people