Rebuilding Cambodia through Education


Everyone in the world has different life. So why? The answer is because we have different societies. Culture, economic, education and politics affect every aspect of our lives.

Cambodia has a very hard condition country because we had had the war all the times. During the Khmer Rough regime it was the terrible time for our people. Many people died because they got killed by the Khmer Rough. Khmer Rough killed all educated people because they believed that all of them will become their enemies in the future. So to build their society stronger they forced all people to work as farmers. As a result, during that regime was the worst history for our country; it was the wrong decision of the leader and our political condition was difficult, to say the least.

battambang cambodia tour village lifeTo make a country stronger and better – with better living conditions for the poor – there must be more educated people to build back society.

And I live in Cambodia’s society so I need to have a responsibility to help my country.  My goal is to create a successful business that grows together with my good society and supports local people

How does the project work?

Every time that I make tour I will take 10% of proceeds and donate directly to poor schools. Eventually we will do the same for local families in need.

What do we do in the project?

We will buy school supplies and any other necessities to offer to poor students that they nor the schools can not afford.  Every three months we will take whats been saved up from donations and tours and chec

k what the students need.

Who are we going to work with?

We will find the poor schools in the Battambang are, especially in the villages, and work with the school director and ask them what the students need most.  We will eventually extend this to families.

Why do we do this project?

Many poor students have no opportunity to continue their study with several reasons but the major one because of the family problem that means they are poor.  Lack of education is one of the most critical problems in Cambodia and contributes to poverty, the lack of options in life, and political distress.  We believe education and investing in the future generation will save lives and rebuild Cambodia.  So we hope that our contribution will help them to continue their study and have the better future.

Want to help and support the project?

If you want to support this project you just book the tour with us so we will cut 10% already from what we earn to our community.  Just by taking a wonderful tour of Battambang you are also helping the community.

However if you want to support us more you are warmly welcome. If you are interested to bring and buy some school supplies by yourself and want to give them directly we can organize that for you. We accept all kind of your help so with school things, fund and even your knowledge and ideas you can share with us to make our community better.

In the future when we have some donors I plan to make the school that provide free education for them.

We hope that you will join us and make our dreams come true! If you’d like to donate directly, click the button below.